Zbigniew Brzezinski Downplays WikiLeaks

Brzezinski, former US National Security Advisor during President Jimmy Carter’s tenure believes that cablegate will have little to no impact upon US foreign policy. I share this view as there is very little in the leaks that wasn’t already known, if anything all the leaks did was prove what was commonly believed.

As for the revelations about foreign officials Brezezinski rightly suggests that these views have been propagated by the popular press for years, all the cables do is reinforce what the public already know.


Wikileaks Fallout

The most recent release of 250 000 confidential US cables by Wikileaks is unlikely to do any permanent damage to the US’ standing in the world since they do not uncover anything that could be described as earthmoving. If anything the leaks are more appropriate for a¬†voyeuristic¬†tabloid magazine than highbrow media analysis.

Foreign Policy describes the 10 most awkward situations relating to the recent leaks and for an extreme look at the possible outcome of these leaks head over the The Week. These links are really only worth looking at for comedic value- the repercussions outlined in them are unlikely to eventuate, it is just pure media sensationalism.